Practical Rifle Shooting by Walter Winans

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Practical Rifle Shooting by Walter Winans

5″ x 8″
110 pages

This is a facsimile of “Practical Rifle Shooting,” originally published in 1906.

There are many excellent works to be had on the subject of rifle shooting at targets, but this book is designed to teach practical rifle shooting. By practical rifle shooting, it is meant the capacity to so handle a rifle that the user can confidently expect to stop a wild animal even if in rapid motion and charging.

The pages of this book are designed to furnish the beginner with a series of hints, by the use of which he may be enabled not only to put himself through a course of continuous and graduated training, but may also keep himself free of the tricks which impede progress, and which, if persisted in, will destroy his ability for any but the most artificial forms of shooting.


1. Purpose of the Book
2. First Principles on Artificial Targets
3. The Running Deer Target
4. Rook and Rabbit Shooting
5. Deerstalking
6. Deer Driving
7. Deer Trackers
8. Fallow-Deer Shooting
9. Roe-Deer Shooting
10. Wild-Boar Shooting

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