Salt Water Fishing Is Easy by Jerry Sylvester


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This is a facsimile of the book published in 1956 entitled Salt Water Fishing is Easy by Jerry Sylvester.

Salt Water Fishing is Easy contains loads of information that will teach you how to be successful at saltwater fishing.  Jerry Sylvester covers saltwater rod and reel selection, saltwater rigs, saltwater baits, and how to catch different species of saltwater fish.  Salt Water Fishing is Easy is perfect for the newcomer to saltwater fishing as the book includes information on fishing from a boat as well as fishing from the shore.

From the inside flap of the 1956 edition of Salt Water Fishing is Easy:

Jerry Sylvester is the most highly regarded saltwater fisherman in the United States. Testimonials have appeared in many of the leading outdoor newspaper columns, and articles about him have been published in The Saturday Evening Post, True Magazine, Pix, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life and other publications. He enjoys the reputation of being the authority, and his tackle shop at Narragansett, Rhode Island, is an angler’s Mecca. Among other accomplishments, he caught the world-record Striped Bass.

In a down-to-earth, earnest and interesting manner, Jerry Sylvester divulges his broad knowledge, including “secrets,” which will make it possible for any saltwater fisherman to enjoy his fishing even more and to be rewarded with greater success.

How to cope with all the popular saltwater game fish with bait or artificial lure while still-fishing or casting under the varying circumstances is his stock in trade. He has the solutions to many of the problems with which the fisherman is faced.

This book is invaluable to the one who enjoys fishing from the shoreline, standing in the surf or operating from a boat and anywhere along our coastlines. It is chuck-full of applicable information for any and all saltwater fisherman.


1. Fishing Rigs and Tackle
2. Fishing
3. Striped Bass Fishing
4. Tackle, Place and Season
5. Baits
6. Methods
7. The Fisherman’s Principles
8. Preparing Fish
9. Glossary for Beginners


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