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This is a facsimile of the revised 1961 edition of Shotguns by Keith by Elmer Keith.

Elmer Keith is one of America’s foremost authorities on guns, shooting, and hunting and provides, in this book, detailed information covering shotgun actions. The double and repeating shotguns are described thoroughly along with stocking, sights, and sighting, patterns, loads, chokes, and many other details from the viewpoint of the hunters and trap and skeet shooters.

Shotgun fans will appreciate the author’s down-to-earth advice on swing, lead, follow through, rib and stock pitch, wing shooting, snap shooting, deliberate work, and pass shooting. Stock dimensions come in for detailed study as well as the proper shot size for each bore and choke and size of bird hunted.

Richly illustrated with examples of fine European, British and American guns, this book is considered by many to be the standard reference work on this subject of shotguns.

About the Author:

Elmer Keith has a superabundance of foundation for writing this authoritative book on shotguns. In his lifetime he has had a staggering amount of experience with just about every type of shotgun and shell and conducted extensive tests on all of them.

He is renowned as a North American big game hunter because of his successful pursuit of game from Mexico to Alaska. During World War II, in his capacity as head of inspection and proof firing at Ogden Arsenal, he test fired over 5,000 shotguns and used at one time, over a period of two months, used over one hundred cases of shells. In his career he has tested everything from flintlocks to the latest autos.


1. History of the Shotgun
2. Double Guns
3. Repeating Shotguns
4. Single Loaders
5. Gauges and Their Uses
6. Shotgun Barrels, Chambers, Forcing Cones, Bores, Chokes, etc.
7. Chokes and Their Uses
8. Stocks and Stocking
9. Shotgun Rib and Pitch
10. Shotgun Sights
11. Shotgun Extras
12. Ornamentation
13. Modern Shot Shells
14. Shot Sizes and Their Use
15. Buck, Ball and Slugs
16. Patterns
17. Gun Selection
18. Care, Cleaning and Storage
19. Lead and Forward Allowance
20. Practical Shotgun Shooting


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