Sixgun Cartridges and Loads by Elmer Keith


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This is a facsimile of the 1936 book by Elmer Keith entitled Sixgun Cartridges and Loads which covers various revolver calibers and their use.

In this classic piece of firearms literature, the author covers the selection, use, and handloading of revolver cartridges in various calibers. Some of today’s most popular revolver cartridges are covered in this book, as well as some cartridges which were popular several decades ago and have since fallen into obscurity

Elmer Keith uses his wealth of experience with the sixgun to analyze and recommend the correct cartridges and calibers for various situations. This is not only a manual covering the practical use of the revolver, but is also a valuable reference for anyone interested in the history and development of the modern revolver cartridges.

For a more comprehensive and updated book on revolvers, see Elmer Keith’s Sixguns.

What people have to say about Sixguns Cartridges and Loads by Elmer Keith:

“A fine book for anyone who thinks of their revolver as a six-gun. Pure Keith.”

“This is a wonderful book about sixguns. The instructions he gives are identical to those taught by several Olympic coaches that I have learned from.” —Charles W.

About the Author:

Elmer Keith (1899-1984) was a rancher and firearms author who helped to develop the .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, and .44 Magnum. Keith.  An expert cartridge reloader and widcat cartridge creator, he also developed his own style of semi-wadcutter bullet, called the Keith style bullet.

Elmer Keith served as a key link between the gunmen of the late 1800’s and modern firearm enthusiasts. His interactions with Civil War veterans and western gunfighters gave Keith unique knowledge which he carried well into the 20th century and passed along through his writings.


1. Why We Reload for Our Sixgun
2. Handgun Cartridges and Their Possibilities
3. Selection of Bullets
4. Bullet Casting
5. Bullet Sizing and Lubricating
6. Revolver Powders
7. Cases for Reloading
8. Primers and Priming
9. Reloading Operations
10. Pressures, Primer Flattening and Case Expansion
11. Working Up Special Loads


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