Small-Bore Rifle Shooting by Edward Crossman


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Learn to become a better .22 rifle shooter with this facsimile of the book originally published in 1927 entitled Small-Bore Rifle Shooting by Edward C. Crossman.

When originally written, Small Bore Rifle Shooting was an attempt to amass as much knowledge on .22 rifle match shooting in one place as was possible. Described as a “double-barrel book” to appeal to both the novice shooter and the experienced match shooter, this is a truly comprehensive book on match shooting. .22 rifle technology has certainly changed since this book was first published, but the book still contains valuable material for the small-bore rifleman.

While technology has changed since 1927, fundamentals and physics have not. Advice on form and technique for hitting what you aim at remains unchanged by time. So whether you shoot an old falling block rifle or a new match target .22 rifle, the fundamentals laid out in this book are relevant. Additionally, the information contained in this book regarding trajectories and ballistics are also valuable to the modern .22 rifle fanatic. The .22 Long Rifle bullet has undergone some changes since 1927, but 40 grains of lead is still subject to the laws of gravity and wind regardless of the decade.

Other sections of interest in this book include the chapters on forming a rifle team and a rifle club. The author includes leadership advice for managing and encouraging your team and for running a rifle club, including topics such as membership dues, the NRA, and constructing the rifle range.

Whether read for its practical value to the shooter or purely for its historical value to the firearms historian, Small Bore Rifle Shooting by Edward C. Crossman is a fascinating book with much to offer.


1. The Game of the Small Bore
2. The Small-Bore Rifle
3. Ammunition
4. Small-Bore Ballistics
5. Targets and Ranges
6. Sights and Their Adjustment
7. The Telescope Sight
8. The Rifleman’s Equipment
9. At the Firing-Point
10. Making High Scores
11. The Care of the Rifle
12. The Rifle Team
13. The Rifle Club
14. The Riflewoman
15. Some Hints for the Beginner
16. General Small-Bore Rules and Conditions
17. Small-Bore History


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