Wilderness Hunting and Wildcraft by Townsend Whelen


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This is a facsimile of the 1927 book Wilderness Hunting and Wildcraft by big game hunter, Townsend Whelen.

This is a book which details the hunting of big game in North America, the woodcraft skills essential to success, and the habits and life histories of the big game animals which are of interest to the big game hunter.

This book comprises Colonel Townsend Whelen’s experiences from a lifetime in the game fields, as well as a compilation from the writings of the most virile, observant, and successful hunters of the time.

Whelen devotes a chapter each to a number of North American big game animals where he includes the particulars of hunting each species. The book also includes valuable information on hunting methods, navigation, camping and camp gear, rifles, marksmanship, and even photography while in the field.

This book is a valuable resource for the novice and experienced big game hunter alike, and can certainly be of use to anyone who takes pleasure in exploring the back country.

About the Author:

Colonel Townsend Whelen (1877-1961) was an American soldier, big game hunter and outdoorsman. The author of several books and contributor to a number of magazines, Whelen was an expert rifleman, ammunition reloader, and cartridge developer.


1. The Habits of Big Game
2. The Three Noth American Deer
3. The White-Tailed Deer or Virginia Deer
4. The Mule Deer or Rocky Mountain Black-Tailed Deer, Jumping Deer
5. The Columbian Black-Tailed Deer
6. The Wapiti or Elk
7. The Moose
8. The Caribou
9. The Mountain Sheep
10. The Rocky Mountain Goat or White Goat
11. The Bears of North America
12. The Big Brown Bears
13. The Grizzly Bears
14. The Black Bears
15. Still-Hunting or Woods Hunting
16. Stalking, or Mountain and Plains Hunting
17. Finding One’s Way
18. Clothing and Personal Kits
19. Camp Beds and Bedding
20. Shelter and Tents
21. Big-Game Rifles
22. Wilderness Marksmanship
23. Photography
24. Physical Preparation


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