Care and Cleaning of the Revolver

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The officer should keep his revolver in perfect working order at all times, for he never knows at what instant his life or the lives of others may depend upon the functioning of the arm. The following are a few suggestions on the care of the revolver.

  1. As soon after firing as possible, all working parts should be thoroughly cleaned. Give particular attention to the inside of barrel and the chambers of the cylinder, hammer, inside of frame at top of breech block, inside of frame over the barrel where the barrel extends into the frame, under the ratchet at the breech end of cylinder and the entire outside surface of the revolver.
  2. The materials that should be used in cleaning a revolver are, a hi-grade solvent with oil base, wood cleaning rod and patches for cleaning the inside of the barrel and chambers. The solvent should be used for cleaning the outside surface and a small amount should be dropped into the working parts through the hammer slot. A light coating of the solvent should be left on the inside surface of the barrel and the chambers after cleaning.
  3. When the latch is released on a revolver, the cylinder should never be thrown out or let fall out as this will eventually bend the crane, throwing the chambers in the cylinder out of alignment with the breech end of the barrel. When this happens, lead will be peeled from each bullet that is fired and in a very short time will cause inaccuracy.
  4. FULL METAL PATCHED (or what is commonly known as a steel jacket) bullet should never be fired in a revolver. They will eventually damage the rifling in a revolver barrel and are very dangerous in congested districts, on account of ricochet.
ammunition function test

The author conducting a functioning test of ammunition. Pennsylvania Department of Highways.

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Care and Cleaning of the Revolver

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