Foreword to Manual of Police Revolver Instruction

The following information comes from Manual of Police Revolver Shooting by R. M. Bair. Manual of Police Revolver Instruction is also available to purchase in print.

This Manual of Revolver Instruction has been written to assist the Police Officer who realizes the necessity for better marksmanship and the ability to fire quickly and accurately should emergency arise, for experience has proven that his life or the lives of others may depend, at any moment, upon his skill as a marksman.

PA highway patrol shooting range

Pennsylvania Highway Patrol Range, at Harrisburg, Pa. Courtesy of Pennsylvania Department of Highways.

There are no born shots. However, with patience an officer may become a good revolver shot by following the methods of instruction herein given, providing he masters each chapter thoroughly and practices the methods as suggested in dry shooting. Every effort has been made to present the instruction by the shortest method. This system of ready reference to chapters makes this Manual a valuable assistant to the officer on the range or in the classroom.

Acknowledgment is made for valuable assistance rendered by Captain W. C. Price, Captain P. J. Dorr, Lieutenant E. T. Strange, Lieutenant C. M. Stroup, Pennsylvania Highway Patrol, Pennsylvania Department of Highways, Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company and others.

Hummelstown, Pa
August 13, 1932.

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Foreword to Manual of Police Revolver Instruction

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