Introduction to Manual of Police Revolver Instruction

The following information comes from Manual of Police Revolver Shooting by R. M. Bair. Manual of Police Revolver Instruction is also available to purchase in print.

There are six definite Principles of revolver shooting that must be mastered before the officer will become a good revolver shot and get beyond the novice class. They are given in the order in which they are carried out when on the range in practice firing or firing whenever emergency demands. The officer’s skill in shooting the revolver will depend largely upon how well he has mastered these Principles and to what extent he is able to concentrate on them at the time of firing.

The six Principles of revolver shooting are as follows:


Each Principle will be carefully discussed under its separate chapter, with practical suggestions in practicing the Principles so that they will be easily mastered by the officer.

After continued practice, the officer will be able to carry out the first five Principles without much thought. In fact they are carried out by the sub-conscious mind in the same manner that he would release the clutch when driving an automobile. The sub-conscious mind plays a very important part in revolver shooting, providing it is properly trained, and will function quickly and correctly when needed.

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Introduction to Manual of Police Revolver Instruction

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