Conclusion to Practical Rifle Shooting

The following information comes from Practical Rifle Shooting by Walter Winans. Practical Rifle Shooting is also available to purchase in print.

I do not mention the use of the rifle for war purposes, as I confine my instructions to subjects on which I have personal experience. My views may have some merit as being the result of this experience, although I am aware that they are not universally accepted. It may, however, seem an admissible belief that the man who can use his rifle as he uses his knife and fork, as a matter of habit, and without needing to consider what he is doing; who can hit his mark very near the centre, instantly, at any reasonable range, and at whatever rate it is moving; and who has had experience in stalking game, and in taking cover;—should make a more useful soldier or scout than the man who has only shot at a stationary target, and then only in the prone position, and who would lose himself were he turned out in a deer forest.

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Practical Rifle Shooting

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