Guidelines for Match Pistol Shooters

The following guidelines for match pistol shooters comes from Section 9 of Shooting by J. Henry FitzGerald. Shooting is also available to purchase in print.

NEVER check up on the scores of others in a match until you have finished your own.

NEVER try to sight in a revolver or pistol in a match.

NEVER talk to your neighbor when he is shooting.

NEVER argue with the Range Officer or member of the opposing team.

Loading the Revolver Safely

Loading the Revolver: Place revolver in left hand, muzzle pointing slightly downward. With right thumb draw latch rearward, with left forefinger swing cylinder to open position. Turn cylinder with left thumb, loading top chamber as cylinder is turned. Cartridges held in right hand.

NEVER try to take advantage of range conditions such as using some article for support.

NEVER keep the line waiting when it is your turn to shoot. Be ready.

NEVER take advantage of another contestant; be fair to him and you in turn will be treated fairly.

NEVER enter a protest unless you are sure you are right.

NEVER blame arms or ammunition for your failure to make a good score unless you have proof of your statement.

Closing the Revolver Safely

Closing the Revolver: Holding the revolver in loading position, close cylinder with left thumb, while latch is drawn rearward with right thumb.

NEVER blame conditions at the range for your failure. The other contestants are shooting under the same conditions.

NEVER change revolver or pistol in a match. Use the same arm throughout unless it becomes useless through accident.

NEVER go on firing line with springs so weakened that the arm will misfire. You are only delaying the match and inviting the displeasure of the Range Officer.

NEVER go on the firing line with a dangerous trigger pull.

NEVER allow the arm to point in any direction except at the target when it is loaded.

NEVER allow the arm to point toward any object where a glancing bullet may be the result of an accidental discharge.

NEVER brag about your scores, let the scores show your proficiency.

Unloading the Revolver Safely

Unloading Revolver: Holding revolver in left hand, draw back latch with thumb of right hand. Swing out cylinder with forefinger of left hand, turning revolver butt downward. With left thumb press ejector rod downward, allowing cartridges or shells to fall into palm of right hand.

In many instances things which are overlooked by the beginner are as an open book to the expert. A shot to the right or left will warn the expert of change in light, loose sights, etc., and no more shots are wasted. A slight change in position to overcome the force of the wind, an arm with an open rear sight to overcome conditions on a dark day or approaching darkness, and keeping the sights evenly covered with sight black or the black from one of P. J. O’Hare’s acetylene lamps to repel the glare from the sun’s rays, will aid in making good scores. Where no acetylene lamp or sight black is handy a candle can be used.

If the target revolver is carried in a canton flannel case instead of a holster the original factory finish will last for a long time. This is a holster of three thicknesses of heaviest canton flannel, with soft side in, and an extra thickness over front and rear sight, with a black cover for the sake of appearance, making a perfect protection for a gun.

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Guidelines for match pistol shooters

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