By J. H. FitzGerald

J H FitzGerald

Mr. J. H. FitzGerald

Originally published in 1930
Reprinted here in its entirety by Sportsman’s Vintage Press, edited and optimized for web viewing.


Whose kindness and assistance has helped me in my many years of active work in the courts, on the ranges, and in my home life, this book is dedicated.

Roam where you will, meet whom you may,
There is one who will brighten the darkest hour,
Whose assistance and kindness will pave the way,
Through sickness and sorrow, through darkness and power.

1. Revolvers, Pistols, and Their Uses
2. Target Shooting
3. Position for Target Shooting
4. Trigger Squeeze
5. Flinching
6. The Revolver Grip
7. Shooting in the Wind
8. Match Shooting
9. Don’ts for Target Shooters
10. Dry Shooting
11. Eyes and Eyesight
12. Left-Handed Shooting and Average Scores
13. Holding the Breath
14. Testing Revolvers and Pistols for the Trade
15. Adjustable and Stationary Sights
16. Grip Material and Checking
17. The Automatic Pistol
18. Shooting History
19. The Revolver Club
20. Ranges and Targets
21. Question Department
22. Misfires
23. The Two-Inch Revolver Barrel
24. Obstructions in the Barrel
25. Care and Cleaning
26. Being Your Own Repairman
27. Past Masters and Present
28. Special Arms for Quick-Draw Work
29. Quick Draw
30. Trick and Fancy Shooting
31. Hunting with the Hand Gun
32. Comparing Various Bullets as Man Stoppers
33. Single and Double Action Shooting
34. The Shooter’s Section
35. Evidence and Expert Testimony
36. How to Become a Firearms Expert
Preface to Police and Bank Sections
37. Practical Police and Defense Shooting
38. The Magic of Knowing That You Can Shoot Quick and Straight
39. Police Revolvers
40. Inspection of Police Revolvers
41. Match Shooting and Police Work
42. The Colt’s Silhouette Target
43. The New York State Police Revolver Course in Shooting
44. The Instructor
45. Outguessing the Criminal
46. Double-Action Revolver Versus Automatic
47. Prone Shooting
48. Carrying a Revolver When Running
49. Stop When Firing
50. Two-Hand Shooting
51. Night Shooting
52. Right and Left Hand Shooting
53. Using Two Revolvers
54. Drawing from the Side or Front Pocket
55. Fitz Trick Holds and Persuaders
56. Shooting from Motorcycle or Horse
57. Shooting from a Motor Car
58. The Science of Using a Revolver as a Club
59. Badges and Protective Police Coat
60. Telegraph Matches for Police and Banks
61. Bank Protection—The Instructor
62. The Armored Car, Passenger Car and Guards
63. My Dad and I
64. Our Friendly Talk

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Shooting Table of Contents