Preface for Police and Bank Sections

The following information comes from the Preface for the Bank and Police Sections of Shooting by J. Henry FitzGerald. Shooting is also available to purchase in print.

In the following Police and Bank Sections I have endeavored to outline a protective system of shooting covering all emergencies which might arise.

It is not founded upon theory, as every situation is covered by rules and instructions that have been successfully used in bank and police circles. The fundamentals are speed and accuracy of fire when it shall become necessary to use a revolver in self-defense or to protect the lives and property of others. At that time the peace officer, through study and practice of the following system, will be able not only to save his own life but to apprehend the criminal or at least discourage his activities in that locality.

We must meet the present situation of lawlessness with an adequate system of protection. The police are outnumbered many times by those who resort to crime as a means of gaining a livelihood and only by superior skill and training may the officer hope to succeed in his chosen profession.

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Preface for Police and Bank Sections

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