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After more than thirty-five years of shooting experience I find my study filled with manuscripts relating to the different pistols, revolvers, ammunition, and their uses.

My years of experience in instruction work with the New York State Troopers (of which I am a member), on the different target ranges, and in banks and police departments; the pleasant years spent as expert in charge of the testing department of the Colt Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut; my association with the shooters, lectures and expert testimony, both in the United States and Canada, have left me with a wealth of data on all the different branches of revolver and pistol shooting.

It has been my ambition for many years to place all this in book form and in the following pages I will not describe all the different makes of small arms, properly called the One-Hand Gun, but will, instead, speak of the arms which I use in the different kinds of shooting explained in this book.

It is my hope that this book will prove to be a reference book for the beginner and a help to him throughout his shooting career, a reference book to police departments and banks, and all who are interested in pistol and revolver shooting.

In the following pages I have eliminated all data on obsolete arms and refer to only the latest models. I have owned over twelve hundred rifles, revolvers, and pistols in my shooting career and have used the same brand of side arms for over thirty years. No comparison is made of the different kinds of arms now on the market, as I feel that this space may be better used in explaining how to handle guns properly.

The arms pictured in this book are the ones I use in demonstration and lecture work. I have also used a great many pictures in the book because I feel that while they take up an entire page they save much explanation, for the position or stance may be more readily understood when it is illustrated.

To all my friends who have assisted in compiling the material contained in this book I wish to express my deepest appreciation. Only by association with experts who deeply study a chosen subject may any man hope to give to the public all the latest and best data on any subject.

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Preface to Shooting by J. Henry FitzGerald

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