Shooting While Running—Stop When Firing

The following information on shooting while running comes from Section 49 of Shooting by J. Henry FitzGerald. Shooting is also available to purchase in print.

Never fire a shot at any object while running; STOP. You cannot shoot accurately unless you have had a great deal of practice and then only at a large object at short range. Your bullets travel many times faster than your target, and you cannot hope to place your shots accurately unless you do stop. You are endangering the lives of every one on the street if you do not take this precaution, to say nothing of plate glass, electric signs, etc. A few seconds may be lost in stopping, but the result will be satisfactory.

Capt Albert B Moore Firing Position after running

Captain Albert B. Moore of the New York State Police showing firing position.

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Shooting While Running - Handguns

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